Chalo bulava aaya hai Mata ne bulaya hai… !! Jai Mata Di !!

Chalo bulava aaya hai Mata ne bulaya hai… !! Jai Mata Di !! This very song imbibes feeling of supreme divinity in the minds of the person who chants it and also to person in whose ears this song reaches as feast.

Without even second thoughts this song takes the person to the abode of Goddess Vaishno Devi. Mata Vaishno Devi, the Goddess who is known as the trouble solver of all her devotees has umpteen numbers of followers belonging to all ages and religions. Her abode is open to all persons who trust her presence, to all individuals who feels her presence and to all persons who experience a call from the Goddess herself.

As per Hindu mythology, the first mention of Mother Goddess is in the epic of Mahabharat wherein Arjun, one of the brothers of Pandavas worshipped Goddess before the war and sought her blessings. This is when Arjun addresses as she will always dwell on the slope of mountain in Jamboo (perhaps referring to present day Jammu). Also it is believed that Pandavas were the first ones to build this holy temple as gratitude to Mother Goddess. The five stone structures adjacent to holy cave are believed to be the rock symbols of five Pandavas.

Located in Trikuta hills in Jammu, Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine has mammoth numbers of followers who visit her abode all through the year to take her blessings. This shrine is believed to have eternal energy of Mother Goddess and is one of the holiest Shaktipeeths as the skull of Mata Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva fell here. Also in the Holy Shrine of Vaishno Devi there is the stone remains of human hand popularly known as Varad Hast - The hand that grants boons and blessings.

This Holy Shrine was discovered some around 700 years ago by person by name Pandit Shridhar, in whose dream the Goddess appeared and asked him to search the holy cave which is located at the Trikuta mountain. Pandit Shridhar discovered the Holy cave wherein he saw a rock form with heads atop it. These three heads are known as Holy Pindies and they resemble three Goddess as ‘Mata Saraswati’, ‘Mata Maha Lakshmi’ and ‘Mata Maha Kali’. The Goddess asked Pandit to spread her glory all over.

As per the Legend, three Goddess Maha Lakshmi, Maha Saraswati and Maha Kali got together and pooled their combined strength from which beautiful young girl emerged. This girl took birth in the house of Ratankar and his wife in South of India. She was named Vaishnavi by the couple. This girl right from her childhood displayed a thirst for knowledge and this leads her to take the path of meditation.

There Lord Rama after winning over Ravana happened to meet her and told her to do meditation by setting Ashram in Trikuta hills so as to catapult her level of spirituality and bless the mankind and free them from sufferings and sorrows. He also told her that Lord Vishnu will take the form of Kalki in Kaliyug and that is the time for her being with the creator.

Vaishnavi immediately set off for the northern part and after immense hardships, reached the foot of Trikuta hills and set Ashram there and started to meditate. Her glory spread like wild fire all over and soon devotees began to flock her Ashram to seek her blessings.

There was one famous sage Maha yogi Guru Gorakh Nath ji who was aware of Vaishnavi’s power and to find whether she was able to attain the highest level of spirituality, he send across his most favored disciple Bhairon Nath to find the truth.

Bhairon Nath located the Ashram and started keeping secretly eye on Vaishnavi in order to find whether she was able to attend that high meditation level or not. He found that this girl was not only beautiful but also had special power in her as she always carried bow and arrows with her and was always surrounded by apes and ferocious lion. Bhairon Nath was allured by beauty of Vaishnavi and began to pester her for marriage.

Pandit Shridhar who was staunch devotee of Vaishnavi, has once organized religious feast called Bhandara in which the whole village including Guru Gorakh Nath and his disciple Bhairon Nath were invited. Pandit Shridhar had met the Goddess in this entrance gate as a girl child. This place is known by the name Darshani Darwaza as from here one gets bird’s eye view of entire Trikuta mountain.

During this time, Bhairon Nath started pestering her for marriage and attempted to grab her but she tried to daunt him and decided to flee to mountains to continue her meditation. Bhairon Nath however chases her there too. On Her way to the cave Mata Vaishno Devi created a water body called Ban Ganga with arrow in order to quench the thirst of her lion and ape known by the name ‘Langoor Veer’. Also this river is sacred in the sense it is believed that he Goddess has taken dip here to wash her hair. This is the first stop of the Mata Vaishno Devi Yatra.

The first step to the hills is the ‘Charan Paduka’. This place is bathed by serene environment as it is filled with positive vibes and energies in the form of Mata’s blessing that is showered on all the devotees who visit this place to pay homage at the foot prints of the Goddess etched on a large piece of rock.

After that the Goddess reached Adhkawari – “the eternal virgin”. This place is a small womb shaped cave where Mata meditated and observed spiritual discipline for long nine months. The exact spot where Mata Vaishno devi meditated is located at the right hand side of the cave and is shaped like a womb and thus the name derived as ’ Garbh Joon’. It is believed that merely passing by the cave the devotee’s sins are cleansed and the soul becomes pious again.

Goddess finally reaching the cave was forced to kill Bhairon Nath by beheading him just outside the mouth of the cave. The head of Bhairon Nath fell at distant hill top. After his death, Bhairon Nath realized his fault and prayed mercy to the Goddess upon which the Almighty gave him boon that every devotee of Mata Vaishnavi would have to have Darshan of Bhairon after having darshan of Goddess and then only the yatra or pilgrimage of the devotee would transpire or complete.

The goddess decided to shed her human form and assumed the face of rock and immersed into meditation forever. Thus Vaishnavi in the five and half feet rock form with three heads or Pindies on top is the final destination of all her devotees. These Pindies form spiritual and divine aura of holy cave known by name Shrine Shri Mata Vaishno Devi.

And as it goes, Mata Vaishno Devi (Katra Bhawan) has become important pilgrimage destination with umpteen numbers of devotees thronging the place to pay homage to the Goddess and take her blessings.

!! Jai Mata Di !!